Ireland Chinese Association of Environment, Resources & Energy


It has been recognized and generally accepted that urbanization, industrial revolution, and economical development have left a legacy of problems in environment, resources and energy. Polluted water and sediments in water environment including rivers, estuaries, lakes and seas have affected the daily life of the people worldwide. Resources and energy may become the control factors in line with the sustainable development.  Great challenges remain to engineers and scientists who are called upon to develop solutions that are technically, economically, and socially sound.

The Ireland Chinese Association of Environment, Resources & Energy (ICAERE) is an Ireland based academic organisation. It aims to seek a better communication and collaboration among the Chinese students, scholars and professionals in Irish universities, institutes and technical companies for the purpose of promoting research, technical development and academic career of the individuals.  It’s officially established on 18th September 2009 in University College Dublin (UCD), with the support of the Chinese Embassy in Ireland and UCD.

The general meeting is held annually to bring together people from a wide range of disciplines in environmental engineering, environmental science, geotechnical study, ecology, resources management, energy and economics, and to provide a forum for the dissemination and debate of sustainable scientific advances in some aspects of environment, resources and energy coupled with high quality and in-depth studies of research project and engineering applications from around the world.

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Dr Xinmin Zhan