2ndAnnual General Meeting at UCD, Dublin, 30th Sep, 2010

Supported by Embassy of China in Ireland and University College Dublin

  • Call for Papers (PDF)
  • Programme and Abstract (PDF)
  • Presentation

           Opening Address (PDF)

               Dr Yaqian Zhao (ICAERE Chair, UCD)  

           1. Technology and Practice of Wastewater Treatment & Reuse in Xi’an City,

               China (PDF)

            Dr Shepin Wang

            (Xi’an Municipal Eng. Design & Research Institute, P.R. China)

            2. Applications of High Efficient Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland Water

               Purification  Technology (PDF)

            Prof Zhihong Lei

              (Shenzhen Academy of Environ.  Sci., P.R. China)

            3. Comparative Evaluation of Newly Developed Alum Sludge-based Reed

                Bed System for  High Strength Wastewater Treatment: Results of three

                operation strategies (PDF)

             Xiaohong Zhao (UCD, Ireland)

            4. Molecular techniques for analysis of the bacteria communities in nitrifying

               processes (PDF)

            Min Pan (NUI Galway, Ireland)

            5. Development of a Novel Two-stage Biological Aerated Filter (BAF) System

               for Tertiary  Treatment of Secondary Sewage Effluents (PDF)

            Dr Yongzhe Yang

               (Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, P.R. China)

             6. Comparison of Sequencing Batch Reactor and Intermittently Aerated

               Sequencing Batch Reactor Technologies for Domestic Wastewater

               Treatment (PDF)

            Liam Garry Henry (NUI Galway, Ireland)

             7. Aspects of Interface Design for Energy Management in Buildings (PDF)

             Yue Wang (TCD, Ireland)

            8. Phosphorus release from forest harvesting on an upland blanket peat

               catchment (PDF)

             Dr Liwen Xiao (NUI Galway, Ireland)

           9. Can the Experience in Constructed Wetland at Dai-Pen Bay, Taiwan be applied

               to Hainan, China? (PDF) 

            Prof Lei Yang (National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan)

        10. The cost-benefit analysis of sustainable sanitation (separated toilet) system:

               a case study in China (PDF) 

            Prof Lv Zhou (Tsinghua University, P.R China)