1st Annual General Meeting at UCD, Dublin, 18th Sep, 2009

Supported by Embassy of China in Ireland and University College Dublin

  • Call for paper (PDF)
  • General Program (PDF)
  • Presentation

             1. Keynote lecture: Innovative Bioremediation of Contaminated Land: Concepts

                 and Case Studies

                 Prof. Mark Dyer, TCD (PDF)

              2. Overview of Research in the Environmental Engineering Group at

                 NUI, Galway

                 Dr. Xinmin Zhan, NUI Galway (PDF)

              3. Overview of Water Research in CWRR at UCD

                 Dr. Yaqian Zhao, UCD (PDF)

              4. Overview of Environmental Geochemistry Research in GIS Group at

                 NUI, Galway

                 Dr. Chaosheng Zhang, NUI Galway (PDF)

              5. Effect of the Loading Rate on Partial Nitrification in Intermittently-aerated

                 Sequencing Batch Reactors (IASBRs)  Treating Digestate after Anaerobic

                 Digestion of Pig Manure

                 Mingchuan Zhang, NUI Galway (PDF)

              6. Needs and Gaps of Internal Process Modelling of Tidal flow Constructed


                 Lordwin Jeyakumar, UCD (PDF)

              7. Spatial Variation of Urban Soil Geochemistry in a Roadside Sports Ground in

                 Galway, Ireland

                 Ligang Dao, NUI Galway (PDF)

              8. Phosphorus Recovery from Saturated Alum Sludge Used as a Low-cost

                 Substrate in Constructe Wetland for Wastewater Treatment

                 Xiaohong Zhao, UCD (PDF)

              9. Spatio-temporal Changes of Water Quality in Jiuzhaigou National Park,


                 Manta Zhou, NUI Galway (PDF)

              10. Preparing for and Adapting to the Likely Consequences of Sea Level Rise

                   -- The Use of GIS Visualization Techniques

                  Haibo Huang, UCC (PDF

              11. Comparison of Cooling of Cooked Vegetables between Vacuum Cooling

                  and Traditional Cooling Methods

                  Zhihang Zhang, UCD (PDF)

              12. Study on the Feasibility of Glyphosate Adsorption by Alum Sludge from

                   Aqueous Environment

                   Yuansheng Hu, UCD (PDF)